Commercial Fleet Insurance

Do you want your business to grow bigger and better? Do you require guaranteed monetary protection for your business’ fleet? Congratulations, you are at the right place! Florida Statewide Insurance is the answer to all your Commercial Fleet Insurance in Fort Lauderdale requirements!

What is Commercial Fleet Insurance Florida About?

An organization needs a huge number of vehicles to have a reliable transport system which may be required by the organization at any time. Fleet vehicles are teams of motorized vehicles either owned or hired by a private or public organization.

Fleet vehicles include those operated by rental firms, public offices, police departments, and other such departments. Several businesses purchase or lease fleet vehicles as a mode of conveyance for sales representative. They also use it for delivering merchandise to customers.

What Does Commercial Fleet Insurance Florida Cover?

Commercial Fleet Insurance business motor policy provides protection against accidental injury to the motorized vehicles employed in your business. The insurance plan also protects the liability which may arise ifthe motorized vehicles are concerned in Associate in Nursing Accident.

What Does Florida Statewide Insurance Offer?

Florida Statewide Insurance provides the most comprehensive insurance plans in the market, and that too at affordable prices.

The benefits of availing our commercial insurance include but are not limited to:

  • Liberty to choose your fleet maintenance man
  • Fleet repair guarantee
  • Emergency move expenses
  • Protection in case your vehicle gets stolen
  • Monetary protection covers your fleet’s locks and keys
  • Removal of dust following Associate in Nursing accident
  • Ensuring the return of your vehicle in case it gets stolen or damaged
  • Signage
  • Towing prices
  • Trailer Cowl


Florida Statewide Insurance