Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Florida

Do you wish to secure your assets in case liability limit exhausts on your belongings? Florida Statewide Insurance offers umbrella insurance plans to take care of all of your issues.

What Is Umbrella Insurance Florida?

An umbrella insurance plan offers an extra layer of liability protection. It is of immense help in case liability is exhausted on your property, or other insurance plans you have availed. It covers those expenses not covered by your home, condo, or other such insurance plans.
You can sign up for Umbrella Insurance Plan if you require extra security for your belongings. The plan is your savior in case your current homeowners and automobile insurance plans exhaust. As a general rule, the insurance plans are available in amounts ranging from one to five million dollars.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance Florida?

Any untoward incident can happen with your condo or home, and there’s always a chance your current insurance plans is not going to cover the expenses.
No one would like to see their hard-earned money being destroyed, in case any unfortunate event happens with their property. But it’s even worse if you face such a situation despite having signed up for an insurance plan. That’s where umbrella insurance plan come to rescue.

What Does the Plan Cover?

The Umbrella Insurance Plan covers a wide ranging of aspects. Here are the details:

  • It offers protection for third-party claims of physical injury or property damage caused by you or your family
  • The plan provides an extra layer of protection for damage to your car or other vehicles
  • The plan’s coverage includes protection against liabilities including but not limited to slander and wrongful eviction
  • The plan covers court costs and other legal defense costs for a covered loss.

Our all-inclusive plans are designed keeping in mind the diversified needs of our clients. Avail our Umbrella Insurance Plans and secure your family’s future.

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