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Renters Insurance Florida & Fort Lauderdale

Do you live in a rented property? Do you require guaranteed monetary protection against any damages to your rented home? Florida Statewide Insurance provides you with attractive packages to cover your rented property. Why should only homeowners have the privilege to insurance? You deserve it too!

Is Renters Insurance Florida For Me?

If you reside in or have rented a property, than it is highly recommended that you purchase insurance for your property. Homeowners have insurance to cover any expenses as a result of damage to their home. Similarly, individuals and families renting a place also require insurance.

What Kind Of Property Does Renter Insurance Include?

You can avail renter packages for structures including but not limited to:

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Condos
  • A workplace


Types of Renters Insurance Florida

Renter insurance that covers the loss of non-public property is termed as content insurance or basic insurance. Termed insurance is one which covers damage to rental property and other property that’s next or close to the rental property.


 What Does Florida Statewide Insurance Offer?

You wouldn’t want your precious belongings in your house or apartment to be damaged, right? We provide exclusive renters insurance package which saves you from expenses in case your belongings are damaged or stolen. We attach great importance to save our clients from having to replace damaged items at high costs.

We provide services to both commercial and non-commercial insurance clients. We offer attractive packages for business owners using which they can, amongst other things, cowl their business property.
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