Homeowners Insurance

 Homeowners Insurance Fort Lauderdale

Who doesn’t want guaranteed protection against damage of their beloved houses, made with hard work and love? Finding an all-inclusive home insurance at an affordable price has always been a concern for people.

Florida Statewide Insurance Offers Exclusive, Cost-Effective Homeowners Insurance  Packages
Let us introduce you to our cost-effective and reliable insurance package for your home. Our exclusive homeowners insurance is a property insurance package which covers your personal residence. Avail our package and get monetary protection against damage to your property infrastructure, fireplaces, sheds, and for of cases of thievery, vandalism, and other such cases.

Home Insurance Fort Lauderdale: Is This For Me?

Anyone who owns a house requires insurance for accidental damages to the property. This not only includes the property, but the personal possessions of the home-owner inside the house. It ensures your hard-earned money which you invested in your house is secured. Having no insurance plan for your home can present issues for you, in case of any untoward incident.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Our premium Homeowners insurance plan covers the following things:

  • Losses to your property structure
  • Losses to house parts such as windows, doors, fireplaces, tile floors, carpeting
  • Losses to sheds
  • Losses to detached garages
  • Losses to personal possessions of the home-owner inside the home
  • Losses due to any accidents
  • Losses to outbuildings
  • Losses due to fire or lightning
  • Losses due to windstorm or hail
  • Losses due to explosion
  • Losses due to riot or civil commotion
  • Cases of thievery
  • Losses due to vandalism

Florida Statewide Insurance is a reliable name in the insurance industry. We provide exclusive insurance packages to a broad range of customers. Apart from helping you live a stress-free life by guaranteeing protection for your house, we also offer round-the-clock, friendly customer service and affordable prices.

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