Professional Liability Insurance

Do you want to be secure against liability and the expenses which come following a damage claim?
Florida Statewide insurance is a well-known insurance company providing a variety of insurance plans. Our Professional Liability Insurance plan protects you against any claim by third parties.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance provides protection against claims for fault, omission, or negligence in professional services provided to any third party.

What does Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

No matter what kind of business you are involved in, you would need professional liability insurance plans to save yourself from claims of negligence or damage. The plans are especially recommended for business owners involved in the construction, manufacturing or product development industry.
Your business dealings can leave you vulnerable to professional liability claims over commerce or property issues. We provide all-inclusive insurance plans to let you continue with your vocation or business with your peace of mind intact.

Clients We Cater To

We attach great importance to providing businesses with the services tailored to these needs. We cater to a wide array of clients, involved in diverse business ventures.
The industries we provide custom-designed insurance plans include but are not limited to:

  • Engineering and Architecture Professionals
  • Banking Professionals
  • Computer and IT Professionals
  • Individuals in the teaching and education industry
  • Private Equity Professionals
  • Network Management and Security Professionals
  • Individuals employed in charities and non-profits
  • Corporate counsels and lawyers
  • Individuals employed in gymnasiums, spas, recreation and health centers
  • Individuals wishing to have personal identity coverage
  • Individuals working in mortgage houses, investment organizations and other financial organizations

What Does Florida Statewide Insurance Offer?

Florida Statewide Insurance provides specialized solutions for each client. We cater to a wide variety of clients including brokers, IT professionals, media and communication industry, and many more.

Florida Statewide Insurance