Automobile Insurance Fort Lauderdale

We’re sure you love your car, but insuring it can prove to be a chore sometimes. Fret not though, for our automobile insurance plan takes care of all of your vehicle issues.


What does it cover?

Automobile insurance covers cars, trucks, motorcycles, and different road vehicles. The major use of the insurance is monetary protection in case of physical injury due to traffic collisions. In addition, it also provides protection against car theft, and harm to the vehicle sustained from traffic accidents and other sources.


A look the Terms and Conditions

A number of different kinds of motor vehicle insurance exist. The plans may cover rental cars, court prices, auto repair and replacement, towing, and miscellaneous expenses.  There are special cases which your insurance package doesn’t cover. We define these limitations below:


• Named driver: The policy solely covers vehicles used for non-commercial purpose.


• Excluded driver: The policy excludes coverage for individuals specifically named in Associate in nursing endorsement which will be connected to their policy.


• Business use: This policy excludes coverage if you employ your automobile for commercial purposes, such as delivering newspapers, or any such small or large business venture.


• Racing: The policy excludes coverage if you employ your automobile in any sport event such as racing events.


• Intentional acts: The policy excludes coverage if the losses to the vehicle were proved to be inflicted by the individual himself/herself.


The front page of your policy – known as the declarations page shows the precise name of your underwriter, your policy range, and also the quantity of your coverage and deductibles.





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