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Auto Insurance Fort Lauderdale

 Auto Insurance in Florida is sometimes a complicated and most drivers do not understand all of the coverage’s they have or need.  Here at Florida Statewide Insurance, Inc, our goal is to educate our clients so they feel secure when driving on the road.   The reason for car insurance is to protect you from financial loss of property and physical injury.

Property Damage Coverage covers either someone else’s car damages or someone else’s property.

Bodily Injury/ Liability Coverage pays for your legal responsibility that may cause bodily injury or property damage to another driver.

Medical Payments Coverage pays for the medical treatment of any injuries sustained in an accident.   These might include an ambulance ride, hospital costs, funeral costs and even sometime lost wages.

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Uninsured motorist/Underinsured motorist

Uninsured motorist or Underinsured coverage will pay for an injury that you or any passenger may encounter in an accident.  This includes underinsured drivers who carry minimum coverage on their policy.  This coverage would allow you to make a claim on your own policy for any personal injury and expenses.  This coverage also covers drivers who don’t carry insurance at all.

Collision coverage pays for any damage to your car in many ways.  This coverage includes any damage that you cause to your car.  This can be caused by an accident you may cause or a accident that was out of the drivers control.   Collision coverage will only cover your car’s physical damage.   This coverage is optional unless you finance or lease your car.

Comprehensive coverage is coverage that is caused by anything other than collision.   Flood, Hail, hurricane, theft or any natural disaster that causes damage to the car is considered comprehensive coverage.   This coverage is optional unless you finance or lease your car.

Personal injury protection (No-Fault)

In Florida,  PIP insurance is required for all drivers who own a vehicle.  Personal covers you and any passengers for any medical, surgical, loss of work, dental, or any other related expenses regardless who is at fault.  This coverage is also provided if you have an accident as a pedestrian.

Additional, optional coverages

Here are some additional coverages you purchase or add on to your existing policy.

  • Towing and labor: This coverage pays for any towing or labor needed when your car is disabled.  This coverage usually has a dollar limit that pertains to each loss.
  • Rental reimbursement:  This coverage pays for a rental car while you car is getting repaired from any of the coverages above for more than a day.
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